Monday, May 11, 2009

Games Day 09'

Long time, lots going on.

I got back yesterday from Games Day 09' and I will say it was amazing but at the same time it was disappointing. I got there around 9:30, they moved the event to a different hall in the convention center which I think was slightly smaller but honestly had more than enough space left over. After finally getting past the lines to get in I got to stand in the worse line there... Forgeworld. Luckly this year they actually had what I wanted and I got to pick up three Exorcist Conversion Kits, 3 sets of doors, 3 hatches, and a Sisters Icon pack. While standing in line I saw some of the newer kits that are out and coming out all I have to say is WOW. Seeing pictures of these miniatures is nothing in comparison with seeing them face to face even through if some of them were through glass. Even though I'm thinking of getting rid of my Daemons I still would love to get the Khorne Daemon Prince and Herald combo just because there so sick.

After Forgeworld that I checked out the Resign Forge table where the two girlfriends (My friends and my own) played a rather basic senario with Tyranids and Space Marines for a while. It was basically just a 1k game that had lava and bridges. While the senario could be considered dull they weren't really there for that they were trying to showcase their bases and some of their awesome custom terrain. As said there was a river of lava running through the center of the board with some stone "bridges" that let models pass on it, some spires of rock that just blocked LOS, and then finally there were the Crystal Ridge peices that were the coolest part of the board. I was especially impressed by the Crystal Alter at the corner of the table it was a really cool peice. Other than that I looked at some of their product and I do belive that I will be picking up some of the biker bases if I decide to keep my Ravenwing/Dark Angels.

Meantime after sampling some of the horrible food that was at the convention center (don't get the spicy and sweet chicken at any event there its bad) I went and checked out a few other things which I will update about later on...

For now go check out the Belloflostsouls for pictures of some of the cooler things from the event. I will have my own pictures up hopefully sooner than later.