Friday, July 10, 2009

Holy Jeeeze

Totally haven't updated anything, hell I didn't even ever post my Games Day pictures! I will post those tonight if I remember and if I get the chance maybe I will even take some pictures of all the things I have finished painting since then.

I did notice however that I have a real problem. I think its a common thing amongst miniature collectors and painters. I NEED everything and I also want it all built and painted NOW. The other night I finished my first squad of Dark Angels painted in their new Metallic Green thanks to metcalfedan at Bolter and Chainsword for his guide and ideas on the metallic painting. I also have been working on my Ravenwing, Samuel Master of the Ravenwing, Daemons (which there are a lot of), and lots of sisters.

I did however get time to build the Exorcists the resin was a pain to clean off but not so bad. My friend recommended Oven cleaner and that really saved me from a nice of scrubbing. Left it on for a few min and then... done... it was quite nice.

I also picked up a Iron Halo Valkerie Base in a contest at BoLS and now I apparently need to pick one up and get it painted and take some pictures of it really quickly since I think i need pictures in in line 17 days or so. I'm planning on going to the store today and seeing if they have one there.