Saturday, May 29, 2010

Things have been less than stellar for me lately, my current job leave me with Tuesday and Wednesday off and stressed out all the time. While you would think having those days off can be awesome for getting some things done those really end up being the only two days to do ANYTHING because the rest of the week you are trying to make up for not being around to chill with friends on the weekend. But without turning this post into a bitch fest there is one thing that happened recently that really affected my hobby in a negative way...

Last week my car was broken into and I had the contents of the car stolen sadly this included an entire painted Sisters of Battle army. It's the army that I was planning on playing in tournaments and was using in the campaign I am playing in currently. That was probably 1500 points in models if not more in the end. Luckily today I found out that I would be getting about $1700 back from the insurance company for my loss, while that is awesome I now sit in a crappy situation.

Do I:
1. Rebuild the army from the models I have left over and not painted while buying new models to replace what I had before.
2. Go to the store and just buy the army over again so I had exactly what I had before.
3. Sell all the stuff I still have and call it a day?
4. Pay bills with the cash and just sit on what I have deal with the army later or buy shit later on with my own cash?

etc... sigh...

Other than THAT. I did get some work done on the Cryx Starter army and I will be posting things about that on both this blog and the PP forums, there are currently more updates there now. I also plan on getting some Vallejo Model Air paint to make things go easier.