Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Behold - The awakening of the Necrontyr

When I started this hobby there were a few of the races that really spoke out and made me interested in the hobby. Even though I ended up starting with Tyranids and it has and will always be my primary army I as many other gamers are tempted quite often. During the past few weeks I let myself succumb to one of those temptations. I found a great deal on some new Necrons and now own a Necron Warrior Phalanx and an additional Monolith with 5 more Destroyers on the way.

Now I realize that there have been rumors around for quite awhile now that a new Necron codex is on the horizon... some day. From what I gather this would probably be in Fall at the earliest since next is the Missions book, then Blood Angels, possibly some WHFB after that. Honestly, I don't think a new Necron codex will be out any time soon. I suppose it doesn't matter as I would like to take the time to make this look good So I bought them in a hopes to be unique on the table and to bring some variety to my painting table.

But now I have 48 Warriors, 12 Scarabs, 11 Destroyers, 2 Monoilths, and 1 Res Orb Lord in the painting Que (That is over 2000 points). Im thinking that I will try some sort of weathered metal for all the joints maybe a white armor or something else and with blue rods and glow. Currently I am converting the Warriors to be "Walking" since I think their wide stance is a little lame.

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