Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lots of Games

So I haven't been posting much because the camera was tied up with wedding photos and I have been keeping quite busy preparing for my second try at running Dark Heresy which happens to also be the second time DM/GM'ing.

Most of my gaming has been during my Wednesday gaming group recently. We have been playing a ton of Battlestar Galactica the board game. So much so that I decided to order the expansion which apparently adds a ton of depth to an already great game. I did also order the board game Descent which is just a HUGE box of craziness.

This past Wednesday I actually ran Dark Heresy for the second time like I said above its the second time that I have tried to run it and while I feel like I was less prepared as I had been previously the game night seemed to go quite well. I did run the same pre-done campaign as I had with another group, Maggots in the Meat, from the GM book.

Wednesday has been basically my only gaming day anyhow so I did have people coming over early for game night to play 40k and got a few games in that way. Sadly my normal Tuesday campaign has been rather slow in the gaming department. Hopefully this week will prove to be better for that.

In the hobby Department I finally finished the last piece of terrain for the commission a few days ago and have just been waiting to drop it off to him on one of our campaign days. I will try to get some pictures of that and other things I have been working on recently soon. Finally I ordered some Battlefleet Gothic miniatures for my Sisters of Battle. I want them to be the sisters of battle fleet so if I ever get to do a campaign the way I want then I can use them.

More soon!

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