Sunday, February 28, 2010

Walking Nightmare

With only one Troops choice even if I didn't already have some sort of plan for what to run with the new Necron army I'm building, there would be little choice as to what I can build. Regardless Necron Warriors are Essential to any viable build. The models are quite static and even with conversions, as cool as they may be, they are still repetitive. Thus most if not all of the Necron Warriors in this army will be converted in some way.

One simple conversion I have seen is the "walking" Warrior. Simply put the legs are cut, re-positioned, and then re-attached to the model so that it appears as if walking opposed to the stupid wide standing still stance normally seen. In addition to the legs the arms can also be cut and reposed even if it is to a lesser extent. I have gone and made it so the Warriors aren't holding the guns flat on their chests. Some of them will be holding them pointing strait out with a new hand placed on the models other arm. Others will be left handed as can be seen in one of the pictures I included. Regardless the hope is to make them less static.

The second model that is almost always included in a Necron army is a Lord. Since the Necron Warrior Phalanx came with a Lord with Resurrection Orb that will be the first to be built. It does help that a Necron Lord with Resurrection Orb and two Squads of Necron Warriors is 500 points exactly and that is a good point level to start with.

Hopefully I can get all 20 warriors done soon and decide on a painting scheme so I can start the first bit of painting. I did order some blue 3/32" rods to replace the green ones that come with the models as well as some slightly larger ones, 1/8, to cut up and use as the crystals as the bases usually have. With that order I got some weathering powders, plasticard, and a few other things to help with the modeling. Finally, I did a little trading and now have 5 more Destroyers and my 3rd Monolith on their way to my house.

This new army seems to be shaping up quite nicely.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Behold - The awakening of the Necrontyr

When I started this hobby there were a few of the races that really spoke out and made me interested in the hobby. Even though I ended up starting with Tyranids and it has and will always be my primary army I as many other gamers are tempted quite often. During the past few weeks I let myself succumb to one of those temptations. I found a great deal on some new Necrons and now own a Necron Warrior Phalanx and an additional Monolith with 5 more Destroyers on the way.

Now I realize that there have been rumors around for quite awhile now that a new Necron codex is on the horizon... some day. From what I gather this would probably be in Fall at the earliest since next is the Missions book, then Blood Angels, possibly some WHFB after that. Honestly, I don't think a new Necron codex will be out any time soon. I suppose it doesn't matter as I would like to take the time to make this look good So I bought them in a hopes to be unique on the table and to bring some variety to my painting table.

But now I have 48 Warriors, 12 Scarabs, 11 Destroyers, 2 Monoilths, and 1 Res Orb Lord in the painting Que (That is over 2000 points). Im thinking that I will try some sort of weathered metal for all the joints maybe a white armor or something else and with blue rods and glow. Currently I am converting the Warriors to be "Walking" since I think their wide stance is a little lame.