Monday, June 21, 2010

The Hunt

To be honest my spirits were down after my army got stolen as you can see in the archive of this blog I had spent some serious time and really worked on those models lucky for me the insurance company let me quote them for the models being painted by a painting service. So with the refund check in my possession and a new compressor for my airbrush on its way I have been searching for good deals on replacement Sisters of Battle. I had found an amazing deal on Dakka Dakka with someone locally but he was sorta non responsive and when I finally thought we had reached a deal and I was planning on driving an hour and a half to go pick up the models and hand him the cash he bailed and "sold it to a friend". If he really did that's fine but I was frustrated since it was almost exactly what I had stolen from me.

Now I am working on two different deals that compliment each other quite nicely and will help me get enough Sisters for 6 full 10 woman squads with special weapons then when I go to Games Day I want to get a ton of Forge World so to complete the army. The deals also include some other units that may not be amazingly useful or get used often like Arcoflagglents but they will round out the army nicely. I will update with what I end up later on:-P

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