Saturday, June 12, 2010

Up the pressure.

While updates on this blog are quite infrequent and I often seem to give up on all the projects, I have not stopped painting or working on any of them. I have kept the camera right next to me as I slowly work on my miniatures and hop between projects, I will upload all of those pictures and add some posts to her to show what I have been working on in due time.
I have finally started working again with the airbrush and realized I really cant work with the compressor that I currently have it simply doesn't do the job. The pressure is too low for the paint I am trying to push through it, not to mention since it doesn't have a tank what pressure it does have is quite inconsistent. Due to this I am going to be doing some commission painting jobs, a friend of mine has a ton of Forge World terrain that he built but never actually painted. He suggested we work a deal out to get some of it painted and he can help with the purchase of a decent compressor. I figure if I'm going to get into this I may as well get a good one instead of a loud or just not good.

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