Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lots of Different games!

So my posting has become slightly infrequent and I'm just going to simply blame life! I have been quite busy ever since the economy claimed the job of someone close to me.

Before I get to rants about Off Topic stuff. I have been working frantically on my commission terrain work and I am almost done with everything. After some hours of work I have a banner to paint and then I will have finished 2 large, 3 medium, and 3 small Forge World City Fight Ruins to bring me to a total of 3 Large, 3 Medium, and 5 small. There are only two or 3 Large/Huge remaining pieces to complete.

As I mentioned in my last post Starcraft 2 came out just over a week ago and I have been on that game like a fat kid in a cake factory. While there are some things that are lacking the game they are so over powered by all the things I enjoy about the game that its sucking up all my time. I was able to complete the campaign 3 days in and have been playing muti-player for the past few days since then.

In other gaming news my DM came over with his wife for a double date and we busted out the Battlestar Galactica board game. While I have owned it for probably over a year at this point but the only time I tried to play it was with a group of people that the game just ended up being no fun with. This timewas actually a great experience for the guys, albeit slow thanks to the lack of rules knowledge, the girls hated the game since it was quite complicated and just too much to do. My DM and I ended up playing again last night after DnD with one of the guys and that was just as much fun and much quicker now that we have the rules down.

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