Monday, January 12, 2009

Heavy Bolter

I haven't updated since I posted my Sisters of Battle list about 5 days ago and in that time I have been trying to paint as much as possible. While with these models I'm not being a speed painter I think with the time available I made a good dent.

So far I have painted the following:
  • Two Immolators that I had previously started.
  • 3 regular Sisters
  • 1 Heavy Bolter Sister
  • 1 (Proxy Heavy Bolter Sister) Multi Melta

I have to base them still but I will be doing that at the end of the whole job. I plan on starting another set of five sisters tonight, they will be the Heavy Flamers for the 3 squads and the rest of the Heavy Bolters.


Now Ive been thinking about what to do with the Dark Angels and I think I'm going to start with finishing up 1k points in Ravenwing then work on the plain old Dark Angels since the Raven wing only has like 16 models or so for me to do in total for 1000 points.

I will post soon with pictures of my miniatures. My question for this is what would your recommendation be for getting a cheap tripod? I figure I'll just pick up a crappy one from Bestbuy or something but If there's a good suggestion for cheap I would love to hear it.

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