Sunday, April 25, 2010

International Delivery

Since my last post it was suggested on the Privateer Press forums by Khadorian83 that I use Acetone to strip the models. While Pine-sol works wonders it takes forever and Acetone is close to instant. Within a few minutes you can start working on the models to remove the paint and it just tears through it. So after cleaning all of the models in one afternoon I am now at a halting point. I had to wait for the last few bits and my Bases to come in!

I actually ordered some bases from thanks to international shipping I have no idea when they will arrive.

2 x TFBIS The Fens Base Inserts for 30mm Bases $6.00 USD
1 x TFBIM The Fens Base Inserts for 40mm Bases $3.00 USD
1 x TFBIL The Fens Base Inserts for 50mm Bases $3.00 USD

Hopefully everything will end up looking awesome when they come in although this message I got doesn't feel promising:
"Your order was posted today.

International mail usually takes 4-7 days, but can take as long as 3 weeks or more if you are unlucky due to either our postal service or yours taking their time or customs deciding to sit on your parcel for a week.

Let us know if you have not received your order in two weeks."
In the mean time since I am playing Khador in the LGS tournament I cleaned some of my Kayazy Assassins and the Underboss. Then based them and got them ready for a nice primer coat.

Until I get some more stuff done...

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