Friday, April 16, 2010


With the decision made to build a Newbie Cryx army it was time to shop around for the miniatures required to build said army. I am a big fan of Bartertown and eBay for buying miniatures on a budget, that said if I have the money I will buy from the LGS first especially since they offer 20% off there. With this being a "newbie" thing where I was going to do all the work and present it as a intro game I wanted to have this at the cheapest possible cost to myself thus I was shooting for 50% off if possible.

After some back and forth my first purchase was the Deathrippers for 50% including shipping. they weren't in the best condition and I will probably need to buy a pack of bases to replace the one that was based and all messed up.

The second actual purchase took a little while one amazing trade fell through that would have netted me everything I needed at 50% off but with a little persistance I actually managed to get almost everything I need for 50%. I purchased Asphyxious, a Reaper, a Seether, and a 10 man unit of Bane Thralls for 50% plus shipping. So although I got more than I needed for the Thralls I'm sure that they will eventually be used. Sadly this second purchase is going to need a LOT of work to be cleaned up. The previous owner went superglue crazy and from now on I will do my best to post pictures with this but it took me a solid 2 hours of work to clean up the Reaper and Asphyxious and free them from the glue. Most of the joins were totally and completely filled with glue some of which pooled into other details that i had to clean up as well. The "painted" models look like they were sealed with glue or some sort of THICK glossy layer.

I'm running into a funding problem for this right now as I only need one more mini but I just moved to a new place and have no cash. Hopefully by the time I get some of this work done and start painting I can get the last miniature on the list.

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