Monday, April 19, 2010

Moving and Missing Models

Moving can be quite a pain especially with a rooms worth of miniatures and the like. After staging my new spare room up as my "guys" room I went on the hunt to find the last of the minis I was missing. 10 random boxes later I found the Bonejacks in a Kitchen box with some T-Shirts and a brush cleaner. I am still looking for the medium bases for them but so far no luck, worse case I buy a pack of them, the last thing I need for thise 25 point army is the Warwitch Siren.

I did take the time last night to clean off the rest of the miniatures that I have and found some Pine-Sol to toss them in. Again I have no idea what the previous owner was thinking but he used something that reminded me of the "Nickelodeon Gak" and then on some of the miniatures he must have used rubber glue! Who uses rubber glue on miniatures? The parts came off easily but that glue is going to be insane to get off. Hopefully the Pine-Sol will remove it.

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