Thursday, July 29, 2010


So this week has been... Interesting.

Hobby wise not that much has happened I did get some painting done while not much I'm on my way to having the Cryx Army complete so I can start working on other projects, after that I think I'm going to finish the Trygon right after the Cryx just because it's almost done, and then I have to decide what to do from there. I did get some painting done on all of the Terrain that I have from my commission. It was heavily delayed thanks to no airbrush for a week plus the guy that I'm doing it for isn't going to be around for a week or so thus I have extra time now, not that I ever had a time frame.

I did also get a game of 40k in. I got to play my Sisters of battle against Necrons in the "Kele" campaign that I am currently in. It was a planet strike mission and I was heavily fortified in a defensive position. I think the game was decided before we even began as I ended up with 650 more points to start the game with vs an army of only Warriors, Scarabs, and Tomb Spiders since thats how this phase of the "neutral" Necron assault starts. Was fun and a good time but I almost feel bad when a game is that heavily weighted.

As for OTHER things going on. The thing that has been taking all of my time for the past few days has been Starcraft 2 so that has been sucking my soul and honestly it probably will do that for quite some time since its an amazing game. Then there was some personal stuff that happened which sucks relating to jobs but whatever.

I will try to get some pictures of the Bane Thralls tonight and post those hell maybe I can get some painting in after that as well. On another note related to the Sisters army I due to the personal stuff I was unable to purchase the Battlefoam bag recently during the Golden Boota day so I still have no army transport for them but before that occurred I found someone selling 3 Penitent Engines, snagged those, and someone selling some FW Repressor Kits and got those for a nice little discount. So I am well on my way to getting the sisters moving on the battlefield.

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