Sunday, July 4, 2010

A few pounds of metal

So over the past week or so I have been getting boxes in the mail from the trades that I mention previously. Two big trades and a few small things later and I spent $370 and have a ton of metal.

So with all those minis as you can see in the second picture I also ordered some Dragon Forge bases, which I need more of, and started to build models. I actually have been going all out on these each model goes through the the following steps.

Clip off the Tab
Clean mold Lines
Flatten Feet
Clean any other "junk"
Make sure there are no "sharp" edges
Drill Pin Holes and Bolter
Pin the Feet Backpack etc.
Clean the Base
Wash Everything in Soapy Water
Glue together

1 comment:

Daughters of the Emperor said...

I used some of the same bases on my last squad of sisters. Dragon forge rocks!
You have a lot of painting to do I can't wait to see how they all turn out!